The Liar

head of the Vorwested Assassins' Guild, owner of the Soft Folk Tavern


Dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin;
Looks very young, is mistaken for a child sometimes;
Prefers to dress like a nobleman;


Even thought he runs the Vorwested Assassins’ Guild, he is not afraid to show his face. In fact, the Liar seems to like to be on public very much and, considering his day job, he gets enough opportunities.
No-one really knows how it is that he and his crew hasn’t been taken into custody by the Secret Militia yet, but then no-one actually believes that he has any connections to the Guild whatsoever.

[Act 3] For some reason the Guild has kidnapped Adept Luca. After the party confronted the Liar, he confirmed the fact but refused to let him go. For now.
He asked them to track down and kill one of his old friends who, presumably, has left Vorwested only months prior to the event. He also asked them to bring him the mark’s head.

The Liar

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