Act 1
The skirmish of Yikshireick

After being chased out of the dwarven Alps right before the Candelenights celebration, the heroes ended up staying in one of its border towns – Yickshireick. After a few peaceful days have passed, the whole population, that consisted mostly of merchants, was caught by surprise as high-elven military forces entered the town.
Our gnome and tiefling got arrested by one of the officers as they were trying to make their escape. They had to fight their way out of captivity and leave in haste.

As our heroes were walking through the tundra away from the burning town, they met an old elf and a dwarf who were taking supplies to a Mishakal’s temple nearby. After following Mishakal’s servants to the temple, they decided to not waste any more time, stole horses and disappeared into the night.

Long before the sunrise, our heroes reached a large camp which turned out to belong to high-elven military. They were met by Master Dassan who introduced them to a person running the camp – drow Captain Argah Zileter. She, guessing that they might be mercenaries, offered them a job and if they somehow completed it, they would be granted freedom.

They left in the morning. In a cavern, that a beast was occupuing, the heroes found not only roaches but also a group of mercenaries who were sent on a mission a few days ago but never returned. After killing all of the mercenaries, they had to deal with a captured drow who wasn’t too friendly towards his saviors. Yet, after some bonding , he told them that his name is Ynuilenule. The drow also told them about the Faith and how his Mistress, Argah Zileter, was in charge of training the beast as an ultimate weapon for the elven army. It turned out that mercenaries were sent there not to kill Faith but rather to serve as her meal. The problem was, there was no way out of the cavern unless the beast was dead.
When facing Faith, the party learned that she is a very powerful creature and couldn’t be defeated. It took them a while to come up with a proper plan but, by using their cunning and explosive powder bought earlier, they were able to break everyone out.

When they returned to the camp to report about their success, they found out that Master Dassan was planning to kill the Captain now, since she was of no use without her beast. They decided to smuggle the Mistress out of the camp and, after burning down half of it, succeeded.
In the end, Argah joined Faith and Ynuilenule in their venture to the Alps where one of the undardark passages is. But before that she explained that she was also a spy for someone named Erast Marshak and asked the heroes to deliver a message to him.


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