Yuri Reznik

member of the Idris Council, nobility


Short blond hair;
Very bizarre and extravagant, as well as vicious and violent, though beautiful;
Loves to through balls and shock the public;
Educated and cunning, learned from best masters


Yuri seems to have some grudge against Erast Marshak but everyone prefers to avoid that topic. During one of his balls, he loses his temper and storms out after a conversation with Erast.
His family is wealthy and he likes to remind everyone about it.
He wears only expensive suits and sometimes female dresses and jewellery.
Yuri is one of the main political forces in the capital and, possibly, has a lot of influence on the royal family.
He’s very well known in the city for his atrocities.

[Act 2] After Erast Marshak exposed him in front of the King, he has been planning to get rid of the man.
On the side, he started to stir up a revolution and sponsor Idris gangs, who roam in the tunnels below the city. He had some sort of an agreement with Martha; he needed her to help spread the word for exchange for a chance to get her sister out of prison, where she was being held for treason.

Yuri Reznik

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