a singer, a storyteller


Has short dark hair;
Tall, slender;
Prefers colours pink, orange, yellow;
Used to work at a quiet, low-key bar – The Silver Goat;
Rents a flat on the second floor of the building


When she enters a room, the audience is dead quiet.
Some say she is a prophet, she says that she doesn’t do anything and only plays lire.
She is one of public figures of Idris. Martha does not have to put any effort into her appearance to have a presence.
She tells stories.
Martha knows Vanka as Erast’s hound.

[Act 2] Lately, she has been working for Yuri Reznik so that she can get her sister out of prison before the latter received a death sentence. Because of that she has to be careful with her words; she rarely finishes stories and most of them are about revolution.
Martha knows about the tunnels underneath the city.

[Act 2 Finale] As a result of her betraying the cause, Martha escapes Idris. Meanwhile, her sister Rose is taken into custody again.


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